Top gadgets for winter

Few of us would say winter is our favourite season and this year we've already been snowed in, stuck on trains and sliding along icy roads. But it's not all bad - here are some of the winter must-have gadgets to keep you warm, safe and, dare we say it, happy.

The Sno-baller snowball maker
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North Face Etip Gloves - £22
The rise of the smart phone has caused just one major problem - every time you need to use your mobile, the gloves have to come off. Thankfully North Face, who have been keeping us warm for many a long winter, have found a solution with the Etip glove.

Special finger and thumb pads allow you to use all your touchscreen gadgets without getting chilly extremities - a must-have for gadget lovers in winter.

iLogic Sound Hat - £14.99
A similar problem occurs in the headwear department, where headphones get tangled up in your bobble hat. Worry no more - the iLogic Sound Hat is a beanie with built-in speakers, keeping your head warm and your headphones free to pop in and out as you please.

Hot Sox - £14.99
No need to get cold feet this winter. If you're just lazing about the house, you can happily do away with the Louboutins and slip into these aroma therapy, microwavable booties to keep your toes toasty. Available in white rose, neroli and lavender scents, tired feet will be soothed and snuggly. Manolos they are not but once you've got them on, we doubt you'll care.

AA Winter Car Kit - £19.99
Most of us will have experienced dangerous roads already this winter and staying safe in the snow is of paramount importance. Just in case we get a fresh dumping of the white stuff in 2011, be prepared with the AA's Winter Car Kit - including a high vis vest, an emergency foil blanket, a Dynamo torch and a folding snow shovel, you'll be ready should further traffic chaos ensue.

Snowball Maker - £9.50
Sick of slushy gloves and freezing hands? Never fear, the Sno-Baller is here - this handy little gizmo makes perfect snow balls every time - so your hands can stay warm and ice-free. Perfect for big and small kids alike.

What would be your must-have gadget for winter? Let us know below...
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