Caterham reveals new track car at Autosport show

Caterham has revealed its first new model since the 21 at the Autosport show today – the Caterham Lola SP/300.R.

As the name implies, it has been developed in conjunction with the legendary racing experts at Lola, and carries a 300bhp 2.0-lire Ford Duratec engine in its lightweight, 600kg body.
The car has been specifically designed as a track-day vehicle, with a one-make race series planned for 2012, but Caterham is also pondering whether or not to launch a road legal version in the coming years.

The SP/300 has been designed for aerodynamic gains rather than aesthetic pleasure, although the front end bears a strong resemblance to Caterham's iconic Seven. The car is likely to need the downforce and aero efficiency offered by that large rear wing - the British manufacturer claims it will 60mph in 2.5 seconds and top out at 170mph.

If we weren't already starting to fall in love with the car enough, the news that the gearbox has been set up so the car hits maximum revs in top gear at the end of Spa-Francorchamps circuit's Kemmel Straight – chosen as it is one of the most commonly visited track-day venues - is almost enough to have us selling our collective souls for a deposit.

For now the SP/300 remains in the final stages of its development, but even when it does go on sale Caterham has suggest that it intends to keep the car exclusive, with just 25 planned to be built each year.

In 2012 most of these will be taken up by the one-make racing series, which will take place in the UK and with one round possibly in Europe, so anyone actually capable of meeting the £60k + taxes asking price better get themselves to Caterham's Surrey headquarters as quickly as possible.

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