Mini to make new Paceman concept a reality

Mini has confirmed that its latest concept - an SUV concept called the Paceman - is set to become a production reality.

Ian Robertson, member of BMW's board of management, told the crowd that a car based on the Paceman would become the second SUV in the brand's lineup, following the Countryman's arrival last year.
The Paceman is not in production form at the Detroit show, but it is unlikely there will be major changes between the three-door model on display and the one that hits showrooms.

The concept boasts four seats, but just two doors, albeit ones which are lengthened to improve access to the rear of the cabin. Despite being smaller than the Countryman, Mini has said it is also capable of using the four-wheel-drive system, ALL4, that features on the larger car.

Mini claims the car will offer the same involved driving experience as the smaller cars, helped by short front and rear overhangs.

Jochen Goller, Mini director for BMW UK said: "Following last year's launch of the Mini Countryman and the forthcoming launches of the Mini Coupé and Roadster, the Paceman Concept shows once again not only the innovative spirit and adventure among its design team, but also the potential breadth of the Mini brand as it grows and develops."

No further details such as price or arrival times have been confirmed for the Paceman yet, but it is expected to make to the UK.

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