Hyundai Veloster makes its Detroit debut

Hyundai has unveiled its striking three-door coupe for the first time at the Detroit show.

As the manufacturer's teaser image revealed last week, the new Veloster features one door on the driver's side, and two on the passenger side for easy access to the rear.
"The new Veloster goes a long way to solving the inherent compromise of traditional coupe design, which sacrifices comfort and convenience for style," commented Allan Rushforth, vice president of Hyundai Europe.

"This exciting car offers progressive buyers a sleek and distinctive design in an innovative three-door coupe form that provides practicality as well as driving pleasure.

Hyundai has clearly put the Volkswagen Scirocco clearly in its sights, and given the Veloster a similarly squat, muscular profile.

With an economical 1.6-litre engine, dual-clutch gearbox and greater practicality all on the menu, the Korean curiosity could very well find some fans in the UK when it makes it European debut at the Geneva motor show in March.
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