Three great ski apps: don't leave home without 'em!

Katy Holland

Forget those trendy gogs and latest ski jacket: this season's must-have ski accessory is your iPhone. From piste maps to skiing lessons to speedometers, there's an app for all requirements. We've picked three faves to give you a taste...

Ski Club's brand new free Snow Report iPhone app will give you the lowdown on the snow conditions in 252 resorts across the Alps and North America. It goes into great detail, with snow depths and on and off piste conditions. You can also access webcams and all the latest ski and snowboarding news, and there's a weekly video podcast. Available to download from itunes or from the Ski Club's new website

Ski-o-meter allows you find out how fast you're skiing at the touch of a button. Tap the play button, put your iPhone in your pocket and at the end of the run you'll see your average and maximum speeds, how far you've gone, a diagram of the slope's height profile and your speed over time. It uses the iPhone's GPS receiver, and is a must for anyone who likes to boast over their gluhwein at the end of a day's skiing. Ski-o-meter (£1.19)

The SkiTips free iPhone App offers virtual skiing instruction, so you can take your skiing lessons on the slopes with you. SkiTips1 contains 30 lessons that teach all fundamentals of skiing as well as carved turns amd unweighting turns, while SkiTips2 contains 20 lessons that teach all the advanced techniques, including high speed carving, control turns, bumps, ice and powder. For more, visit

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