Councils facing 'perfect storm' over new pothole season

Motorists are being warned that they could face a record number of potholes after the nation's roads have been battered by a mixture of snow, ice, meltwater and heavy rain during another bitter winter.

Situation normal you may think. Well, this year's pothole season is likely to be exacerbated by cuts of up to 20 per cent in local authority road maintenance budgets.
The Local Government Association suggested to the Daily Telegraph that some highways may not be repaired at all as they faced some 'incredibly difficult decisions'.

That revelation comes as forecasters predict even more snow for the country in the coming days. Though it isn't likely to settle for long, the constant fluctuation between freezing temperatures and a flooded thaw provide the ideal conditions for potholes to form.

Councils were forced to repair a record number last year following the worst winter in 30 years, but December has already proved to be an even colder month.

The chairman of the LGA's Economy and Transport Board, Peter Box, told the Telegraph that the outlook for the motorist was not good after £160m was slashed from the highways maintenance budget over the next four years.

"Local authorities faced with the perfect storm of crumbling roads and a black hole in their budgets are going to have some incredibly difficult decisions to make when it comes to prioritising repairs in a way which best serves their areas," he said.

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