Cinema drive-by: Five petrolhead movies for 2011

If you've got any petrol in your veins at all there's two things in life almost guaranteed to ignite it. The first is colour, sound and chaos of motorsport, and the second is the cinema.

If you felt that tingle go up your neck when they mention nitrous oxide in Ronin or the last of the V8s in Mad Max, then this list is for you. We've scoured Hollywood's conveyor belt to find the pick of the car movies for 2011.

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Fast Five
Hollywood is addicted to the Fast and the Furious franchise like a fat kid to butter popcorn. The latest jaunt is the one last mission that all action movies subscribe to when they can't dream up a plot, but the series has proven itself adept at delivering visual thrills in the past. Just hope they keep the CGI to a minimum.

Cars 2
The sequel to the 2006 original which featured Owen Wilson as the plucky race car, Lightning McQueen. The new story, which involves international espionage, doesn't exactly fill us with hope, but Pixar rarely miss their target. Especially with the kids, so expect to get to dragged to this by the miniature members of your family.

Drive Angry
This one doesn't centre around cars quite like the other two (Cage's character breaks out of hell to save his granddaughter from a cult - yes, really) but expect the '69 Charger and '71 Chevelle to play a significant part. The title says it all. Plus it's got Amber Heard in it - one person we'd happily chew through a seat belt for.

Now this one we really can't wait for. The Senna biopic, based entirely on archive footage of the swashbuckling F1 world champion, seems to have been waiting in the wings for ages, but it'll still be the summer before we finally get to see it. We've spoken to those privileged enough to have seen a preview and even the Prost fans confessed to a new found respect for the Brazilian's singular talent.

No trailer for this one yet, but we're expecting big things. The story of a movie stunt driver who moonlights for high line crooks as getaway driver might sound like the usual load of old hokum, but it's been handed to Ryan Gosling, who might just be the best young actor you've never heard of, and Nicolas Winding Refn, the mastermind behind Bronson and Pusher, is in the director's chair. Hopefully it'll be with us by the autumn.
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