'Baffling' road signs face the axe

Confusing road signs could be scrapped under a government review which hopes to make their sometimes baffling symbols easier to understand.

While some signs (such as no entry or no U-turn) have become ubiquitous, others are considered to be so rarely used or badly conceived that their message is impossible to decipher without referring to a copy of the Highway Code.
Transport minister Norman Baker sympathised with bewildered motorists and promised a nationwide survey to discover which signs had 'past their sell-by date'.

He highlighted one issue concerning the red circle signs with a line through them. "A red circle with a left turn and a red line through it means left turns aren't allowed," he said.

"But a red circle with a person and a line through it means people are allowed - it's the sign for the end of a no-pedestrian zone. It can be incredibly confusing."

The review will also include parking signs which list a puzzling string of exceptions. Baker admitted: "It's wrong if people get a ticket because of an incomprehensible sign."

The decision on which signs are to be axed will be made in the spring.

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