Save the Nürburgring

The Nürburgring is a popular attraction for many driving and riding enthusiasts from all over the world, mostly because of its history and the challenge it provides. However, it seems that despite the recent investment of 350+ million EUR public money; all the fancy debt-causing new buildings and their roller coasters are sitting idle with virtually no visitors.

Rumours from the 'Save the Nürburgring' website claim that the shops are doing no business and the BMW dealership no buyers. Also, we understand that the so called 'Formula 1 Experience' rollercoaster has had its top speed cut from 100mph to a less than credible 40mph. Apparently, the website claims this is down to shoddy engineering and/or building techniques.

This is of course bad news for all car enthusiasts, but worse could be potential plans to increase the cost of lapping the infamous circuit. Another quick fix could be to rent the track out for more non-racing events, which again will make it more difficult for 'Green Hell' fans to get on the track.

The link to the Save the Nürburgring site is here if you're interested.

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