Satnavs to get sensitive

As we become ever more reliant on portable satnavs, I know I'm not the only one to feel the urge to throw mine out of the car window when it guides me down a dead end road or into a long motorway queue.

According to a report in today's Daily Telegraph, manufacturers are aware of this and future devices could be smart enough to know that they've annoyed the driver and react accordingly.

Peter Robinson, Professor and head of emotional robotics at Cambridge University is reportedly working to devise the next generation of smart computers that will be able to detect and react to users' moods.

A logical use of this new technology would be in satnav systems that could detect a driver's frustration and react individually to diffuse the situation.

Mr Robinson is quoted as saying: "I love gadgets like GPS satellite navigation systems but I hate the fact they are so difficult to use, I think they were designed by sadists," he said. "The problem is computers don't react to how I feel – if I'm pleased or annoyed they just ignore me. We're building emotionally intelligent computers that can read my mind and know how I feel."

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