Awareness courses to keep speed cameras running

Speed cameras across the country, many of which have been switched off after funding cuts, could be reactivated thanks to a new plan to raise revenue.

Instruction to slow down on road
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First time motoring offenders who are caught speeding at more than 10mph over the limit will be given the option of attending a speed awareness course to avoid having points on their licence... as long as they are willing to pay up to £100 for the privilege.

Police hope that the price increase for the one-day courses will help raise enough money to get dormant speed cameras back up and running.

Currently those caught speeding are issued with three penalty points and must pay a fine of £60. But first-timers will now only be given points if they are over the speed limit by 10 per cent plus 9mph.

That means that those doing 42mph in a 30 zone, or 50mph in a 40 zone, will escape without points, provided they attend the course.

If, however, motorists caught speeding more than once will automatically be issued with points and a fine, without the option of a second awareness course.

Police forces intend to give one third of the course fee to councils to pay for the upkeep of the roadside devices. Fees have already gone up to £100 in Dorset and Suffolk and Cambridgeshire have also upped the price.

Should the scheme get the go-ahead, many of the cameras currently inactive will soon be catching offenders once again.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police, one of more than 20 police forces backing the proposal, told the Daily Mail: "We are waiting for a national agreement and we understand that will be in January. We are aiming for April for them to be turned back on."

Edmund King, president of the AA, believes motorists will back the plan, telling the Mail: "I think the motorist will understand it and support it, because they still have the choice of points and a £60 fine."

What do you think? Would you take the speed awareness course option and help keep the cameras running? Leave your comments below...
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