Video: Green cars - a practical option?

Are you an environmentally conscious driver? If so, will you take this into account when choosing your next car? Well, if you're struggling with the second question then you're not on your own.

New research has shown that 85% of motorists would like to do their bit for the environment when buying a new car, but just 6% would say that the cars' green credentials are a deal breaker.Sadly, with the deadline to meet challenging carbon dioxide (CO2) reductions under the Kyoto Protocol looming and 35 million vehicles on Britain's roads, none of us can afford to be complacent.

By 2015, the EU has set a 130 grammes of CO2 per kilometre limit for all cars and all manufacturers are playing their part.

In the video below, Nikki Rourke from the SMMT, Peter Fouquet, President of Bosch UK and John Kingston from Honda discuss how the companies are investing to help us reach our 2015 target along with the additional benefits of greener cars. Enjoy.

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