Biggest viral videos of 2010

Caroline Cassidy

It has spawned TV shows, wasted hundreds of working hours and it's hard to even imagine the internet without it - YouTube. From home videos to brand advertising viral videos spread across the world wide web in just moments. So what have we all been watching this year? We take a look at the top viral videos of 2010.

Old Spice guy
Old Spice guy

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Pants on the Ground

The crazy and bizarre world of reality talent show auditions has always been an internet favourite. But when General Larry Platt turned up to the American Idol auditions in Atlanta, he quickly became a YouTube phenomenon. Instead of relying on a Lady Gaga number or yet another painful interpretation of Journey's Don't Stop Believing, Platt went along with his own composition - Pants on the Ground. Laugh all you like but he does have a point... you would "look like a fool" with your pants on the ground.

Old Spice guy

The surfing Old Spice commercial is, well... old. So earlier this year, the marketing people for the famous fragrance went viral with a whole new concept - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. He's on a horse, he can turn tickets into diamonds and before they knew it, millions of women were looking at their man and then back to the Old Spice guy. The follow-up personalised replies to viewer's questions cemented its popularity.

Chat Roulette piano improv

Chat Roulette, in which complete strangers chatted online face-to-face and in real time was an internet phenomenon in its own right in 2010. But pianist Merton took YouTube by storm, tickling the ivories and a fair few ribs with his freestyle improvisations about whichever stranger he happened to be chatting to. Talented? We should coco.

Surprised kitty

Aahh... there's nothing like a cute animal video to wile away those dull working hours. And since we've all seen the sneezing panda a thousand times, we were looking for something new in 2010. Step forward, surprised kitty. The stunned feline has received more than 36 million hits since October last year. Watch it once and you'll see why - it's impossible not to hit play again.

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass

YouTube isn't just about cute animals and hair-brained antics - many of us log on to watch live performances and music videos. And the outstanding music video of the year came from OK Go (you may remember them from the highly impressive treadmill video). This time they've outdone themselves with This Too Shall Pass. Using a Rube Goldberg machine so complicated it knocks spots off those domino world record attempts... and it's impossible not to be impressed.

What was your favourite viral video of 2010? Let us know below...