Ford saloon shows snow-stricken 4x4s how it is done

Much of the advice about how to get around in the current dose of the snow has featured the phrases "off roader" or "4x4" at one point.

But this chap in America shows that having a hardy-looking truck could be worthless if you encounter conditions that are bad enough. We can only imagine that he has a set of sensible tyres on, proving that it can be irrelevant what you drive if you put the right rubber on the wheels.
Sending a hardy truck out in a set of worn summer tyres is a bit like sending a rugby player out onto the pitch in a pair of ballet shoes.

The result would be graceful up until the point of impact in both cases.

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Meanwhile, one careful lady owner - or not - provides festive cheer to all those who enjoy seeing BMW drivers having a few issues.

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