BMW uses advert to imprint logo onto cinema-goers eyeballs

BMW has used subliminal advertising trick to 'burn' an image onto the eyeballs of a whole room of cinema goers.

This all sounds very harrowing, and akin to torture, but this video shows the whole process and shows that it is actually quite harmless and no worse than a quick glance at any bright light in a cinema.

The advert, for BMW motorcycles, flashed the company's logo onto the screen for a period of time too short to be seen, but for long enough to register on the watchers' eyeballs. At the end of the advert, the audience was asked to close their eyes, whereupon they should have seen the faint image of the BMW logo for a few moments before it faded away.

Click below to see the video and for more BMW fun and games with a festive feel, click here.

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