Daihatsu unveils frugal Move city car in Japan

Japanese car manufacturer Daihatsu has unveiled its new Move city car in Tokyo.

Whilst the Move is a Japan-only car, the Toyota subsidiary does showcase some interesting downsizing technology designed to maximise performance – Daihatsu claims it has the most efficient non-hybrid petrol engine on the market.

The Move's 660cc engine develops 51bhp and is good for 64mpg according to Daihatsu. This is thanks to the tiny engine combined with stop-start technology, a CVT gearbox tuned for economy and a weight decrease of 35kg over the old model.

The square body and slab sides mean that interior space is maximised too – despite being shorter than a Fiat 500 the Move will still fit four people inside.

It might not be as charming and good-looking as the Fiat, but it's definitely a practical proposition for the packed city streets of Japan where space is at a premium.

It is expected to go on sale in Japan for around £8000, and whilst there are no plans to sell it in the UK there is a good chance we will see the technology from the Move in another guise soon.
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