Bride and groom leave the church in the world's smallest car

Ben and Nicky Williams wanted to leave their wedding at Weobley Church in Herefordshire in something different to the usual upmarket executive fare, so they chose the world's smallest car, the Peel Trident.

The electric microcar has a top speed of just 10mph, so the five-mile trip to the reception took a little longer than it might have done, and the Peel is so small that it took 15 minutes to get the bride's dress inside.
Primary school teacher Nicky said: "It was hilarious. The train on my dress was quite long and took ages to fold up into the car. Luckily we didn't have much luggage because there was no room in the back."

The Peel Trident was relaunched last year as an electric car following a high-profile visit by businessman Gary Hillman to the Dragon's Den and subsequent investment by James Caan.

The Trident was originally built in the 1960s and has built up a cult following in the decades since. Its sister car, the Peel P50 was made famous more recently by Jeremy Clarkson's trip around BBC Television Centre in an episode of Top Gear.

For Ben and Nicky though, the Trident might not be a very practical choice beyond the trip to the wedding reception.
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