Gran Turismo 5 sales hit 5m in first 12 days

Throughout all the delays and teaser videos and promises, Gran Turismo 5 was increasingly said to be eagerly anticipated.

But this proved to be more than journalistic hype, as 5.5m copies of the game were snapped up by fans in the first 12 days of its release.
This figure is worldwide, but it seems that us Europeans were most excited about the game's arrival.

Europe accounted for 3.56m of GT5's initial sales, with North America the next biggest market at 1.25m.

These figures are made up of hard copy sales and downloads, which have combined to help the Gran Turismo series to sell more than 60m since it was launched in 1997.

And all this is in the very early stages of the game's life. We imagine there will be a fair few more sales in the run up to Christmas too as stockings need to be filled.
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