Caterham to unveil an all-new model in January

British sports car maker Caterham is set to reveal a brand new car at the Autosport International Show next month.

The car will be an all-new model, and not a variation on the iconic Caterham Seven.
It will be the first time that the Surrey-based manufacturer has released an entirely new car since the Caterham 21 was launched 15 years ago.

The new car is set to be a primarily track-focussed vehicle, although a company spokesman said it was likely that it would follow the example of the Seven and be made for road use as well in the future.

The car will be close to its final spec when it appears on 13 January, although production is yet to start.

Further details of the intriguing model are being kept under wraps for now, with a teaser picture about all that could be hoped for between now and the show. Full details will be available when the sheet is pulled off at the show next month.
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