Video: Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell

Could the SLS E-Cell be the bright future of electric supercars? Well, if the exterior colour is anything to go by, it could be! Out goes the 'regular' 563bhp, 6.2-litre V8 to be replaced by four electric motors producing a total of 533bhp, but more importantly an incredible 880Nm of torque.

To put this in context, the standard SLS covers the 0-60mph dash in 3.8 seconds and the battery-powered SLS is just two tenths slower! Also, there are few other cars capable of 0-125mph acceleration in 11 seconds, but none of them does it in silence. If you include the lack of gearchanges because of the single speed transmission, the SLS has to be one of the fastest cars on the road.

Inside, there's the same retro-inspired interior with a modern twist. Interior highlights include a huge 10-inch touchscreen which controls the audio, climate and navigation systems. There are new buttons for the transmission too.

Production is planned for 2012, but its expected £250,000 price mean the SLS E-Cell will only be a car only for the rich

To get a better view of this advanced supercar, check out the video below.

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