Women should kick men out of the driver's seat more often

Women should have more confidence to wrestle the car keys from their partner's hands more often according to a study by the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

The report says that when couples go out together it is always the man that takes the wheel, meaning women miss out on driving practice and lose confidence as a result.
"While women are still more nervous in certain environments, such as in fast-moving traffic and bad weather, we encourage them to take the steering wheel more often, and to get as much practice as possible," said Neil Greig, IAM's director of policy and research.

Apparently, despite men's eagerness to get behind the wheel while on a family trip or daytime expedition, there is one time that they are happy to relinquish the keys – when it involves a trip to the pub.

Partly as a result of this, more women feel slightly nervous in some driving situations – almost half say they don't like driving in bad weather, and three times as many women as men feel very or a little nervous when in fast moving traffic. Overall, twice as many men as women claim to be very confident drivers.

However, despite all this, the IAM says that men and women have a similar attitude to driving, with both sexes just as likely to admit to speeding, bad parking or road rage.

But it seems the lack of trust between drivers that leads men to drive more often is mutual. Grieg said: "Almost a quarter of women say that being a passenger with their partner in the driving seat leads to them feeling less relaxed."

Some things will never change then...
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