Parking warden tickets car with dead driver in the back seat

A traffic warden ticketed a car without realising that the owner lay dead in the back seat, it has emerged.

The warden issued the fine as the car had overstayed its time at a car park in Cambridge, but he hadn't noticed that the owner was slumped in the back having suffered a suspected heart attack.
Police were called to the grey Nissan Qashqai that was parked by the River Cam at 11.45 yesterday morning and found the driver, believed to be in his fifties, was dead. An investigation tent was erected at the scene while forensic officers examined the scene.

Phillip Hammer, the Cambridgeshire County Council parking manager told The Daily Mail: "What you have to do is look in the car to see if there is a ticket displayed.

"He didn't see anyone in there at first and then he realised there was someone slumped in the back seat. He is very disturbed by what happened.

He said the parking attendant had done his job by not attempting to rouse the man, even if he had noticed him there before he issued the ticket.

"He is really shaken up by it," he continued. "The thing is, we are not allowed to wake people up in their cars if they are asleep in case we give them a heart attack."

Police have confirmed the man's death is not being treated as suspicious.
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