Legal threat to Boris Johnson's congestion charge changes

An environmental group is threatening London mayor Boris Johnson with legal action over his plans to scrap the western extension of the congestion charge zone.

The group, Clean Air for London, says the mayor's moves are 'unlawful' and plans to apply for a judicial review if they go ahead.
A report for the mayor has revealed that levels of dangerous nitrous oxides and particulates in the western zone will rise by around three to four percent after the congestion charge is removed.

Founder of the Clean Air in London group, Simon Birkett, said: "We hope that when these matters have been considered further by the mayor – who says he is keen to seek improvements in the environment and public health – he will act decisively to bring down air pollution in the WEZ (Western Extension Zone) area.

"Any legal action must always be a last resort. This is about defending (and improving) air quality not defending road tax."

A spokesman for Boris Johnson said: "The mayor was elected on a pledge to provide Londoners with a consultation on the future of the Western Extension Zone and Londoners have repeatedly shown him they are firmly in favour of its abolition.

"The impact of removing the zone on air quality is predicted to be minimal and the mayor is pursuing measures that are more targeted at improving air quality and reducing pollution."
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