What will you remember about 2010?

Woman with thought bubble
Woman with thought bubble

The year is almost over - so what were we searching the web for most in 2010? Natural disasters, cheating celebs, rioting students, the World Cup - the year has seen its fair share of lows, lifted by the highs of the Chilean miner rescue, Glastonbury and of course, the royal engagement. But was it a good year for you? Leave a comment below and let us know what you'll remember most about 2010.

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In the news this year - we were treated to the first ever live political debates in the run-up to the general election. But with Gordon Brown's Labour under fire it came down to the Lib Dems and the Conservatives to take power. The new coalition government has certainly been busy in 2010 - but as to how successful they will be, only time will tell.

The world of sport had its ups and downs too as England's World Cup campaign ended in disappointment (again) though there was some success for golf and cricket enthusiasts.

Thankfully the Glastonbury crowd weren't forced to endure footballing defeat in the rain as the sun came out for a summer of live music.

Amidst a year of natural disasters, at least one human drama had a happy ending as the Chilean miners were rescued.

Elsewhere, it was a bumper year for cheating celebs as Tiger Woods set the ball rolling with a shocking number of mistresses.

Many a smart phone owner would now be lost without the year's must-have gadget as the iPhone took the nation by storm - but there isn't an app for everything, as our round-up of the year's most bizarre questions reveals.

2010 been a good year for you? Let us know below...