Presents for petrol heads

Caroline Cassidy

If you've got a petrol head in the family, you don't need to worry about finding the perfect gift. Whether bizarre, amusing or once-in-a-lifetime, presents for car lovers are everywhere. Here are a few of our favourites.

car keys in gift box
car keys in gift box

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It's a petrol head's dream to drive expensive, fast cars around a racing track. Getting behind the wheel of a Mercedes SLK and then a Ferrari 360 Modena you won't be disappointed. The Ferrari is capable of 0 to 100mph in just 8.8sec Drive a single-seater at a heart-pumping 110mph and finish with a trip with one of the instructors.
Price £339

If you can't afford the real deal, it's still possible to give your petrol head the 007 experience with the James Bond - Quantum of Solace Scalextric kit. Featuring the Aston Martin DBS and Alfa Romeo 159 featured in the movie, the "super resistant" cars are tough enough to handle full impact racing.
Price £77.99

Ever looked at the dial and found you're exceeding the speed limit? The Roadpilot is a tiny device that uses the satnav basics to tell you when you're speeding or approaching a speed camera position. It's pre-loaded with camera locations, speed limits, congestion zone areas, toll roads and accident black spots.
Price £79.95

There are very few car lovers who don't (secretly, at least) enjoy a remote control car. But if you've got a seriously mad motorist on your hands, let vent some of that speed frustration with a nitro radio controlled car, capable of awesome speed. Fast and furious.
Price from £215

Let's face it, most of us have had the odd row with the Sat Nav at some point in our lives. Why not go for full irritation with The Sat Nag - it won't get you where you need to go but it will provide you with the kind of back seat driver comments you'd expect from the missus, such as "In 100 metres turn left. No right, err, no left. Sorry, I never can tell my left from my right". With sarcasm aplenty it's guaranteed to drive them round the bend.
Price £7.99

Car lovers are meticulous when it comes to keeping their beloved vehicles clean so treat them to the Dyson DC16. Specifically designed for use in cars, boats and caravans, this hand-held vacuum boasts the famous Dyson suction, one-touch emptying and tools for those tight crevices.
Price £99.99

Even petrol heads need to buff up their bodywork every now and again but at least with a Brake Disc wall Mirror, they can do it in style - that's if they can tear their eyes away from the shiny aluminium frame long enough to shave!
Price £35.99

If the auto addict in your life just can't get enough, perhaps a subscription to CAR magazine might keep them occupied. Delivered free and containing all the latest news, views and test drives, it's the gift the keeps on giving for a full 12 months.
Price £50