Red Bull racer made a reality

Of all the 1,000 cars in Gran Turismo 5, the one that has caught our eye the most is this Red Bull X1 that claims to show just what a racer could do if it was given the chance.

And that chance to prove itself has got one step closer to reality after a UK design team turned the computer game creation into a physical concept car.
Industrial Design Consultancy has turned Red Bull technical boss Adrian Newey's design into a life-sized model. It was originally designed without the constraints of F1's rules and regulations, and was built over the last six weeks using data provided by the GT5's developers Polyphony.

It is as large as Newey intended, measuring 4.75 metres long by 2.2 metres wide, but sadly it will not be able to boast the same speeds as the in-game version. While that is capable of 0-62mph in 1.4sec and 0-200mph in 6.1sec and a top speed of 280mph thanks to its twin-turbo V6 drivetrain, the model is engineless.

When Sebastian Vettel took the virtual car around the game's version of Suzuka, he beat the lap record by more than 20 seconds.

Head of IDC Models, Vincent O'Horo said: "After all the long hours and intense effort, the whole team is immensely proud of this amazing achievement and our involvement in such an exciting project for Red Bull."

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