Man tries to steal brand new car from the showroom

In perhaps the most audacious attempt at car theft ever, a Georgian robber tried to make off with a brand new car from a Nissan dealership over Thanksgiving.

Not content with taking a used car, Jacory Phillips went for an off-the-shelf 2011 Nissan Altima while the dealership staff members were celebrating the American holiday.
However, his plan to take off while their backs were turned were foiled when he failed to take into account the miniscule amount of fuel left in cars sat on dealers' forecourts. About 50 miles after driving straight through the dealership's glass doors, he ran out of petrol.

Having done the hardest part and got the car in the first place he might have got away with his crime, but as he had no money for fuel he took to asking for money from passers-by.

Not surprisingly this attracted someone's suspicion and the hapless robber was arrested. He is now in custody in Dougherty County Jail, awaiting sentencing.

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