Oxfordshire speed cameras set to return in April

The speed cameras in Oxfordshire could be reinstated as early as April next year after plans emerged that would see Thames Valley Police shoulder the cost of paying for them.

Safety campaigner Brake claims that speeding has risen by as much as 400 percent since all 72 of the county's fixed cameras and 89 mobile units were switched off on 1 August after £600,000 was axed from the road safety budget.
A report to Windsor and Maidenhead Council suggests that the speed traps could be paid for by the money gleaned from the fees handed over by motorists ordered to attend speed awareness courses.

The report said: "This model is currently being developed and will enable the police to recover all of their costs from offenders.

"Irrespective of the views on casualty reduction, there is a general consensus that speed cameras do have a deterrent effect on speeding and that their removal would lead to an increase in vehicle speeds."

Julie Townsend, campaigns director at Brake, said: "This is fantastic news for communities in Oxfordshire. The bottom line is that cameras are highly effective in reducing speeding and preventing deaths and serious injuries."

The plans are still said to be at an early stage, but the intention is that the cameras will be turned back on by 1 April 2011.
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