A day to remember - treat your loved one to the experience of a lifetime

Caroline Cassidy

If you've run out of gift ideas for your loved one, then perhaps an experience day could provide you with inspiration?


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Whether your loved one is a petrol head or a pampered princess the experience of a lifetime could be just a click away. Here are just some of the many options available.

Motoring madness
The Ultimate Supercar Experience most certainly provides a day to remember - following a briefing from qualified instructors, it's time to hold on tight for a thrill as you swap between a Ferrari 360, a Porsche 996, a Subaru Impreza WRX and a Lotus Elise.

Alternatively enjoy a James Bond moment with the Aston Martin Driving Thrill. Speed freaks and 007 wannabes will relish the chance to take the wheel of this British supercar for a high speed track experience.

For those that would prefer to see how the pros do it, the Pirelli Pro Rally Blast promises a few white knuckles as MR Rally drivers Matt Stephens and Miles Johnston show off their slides and handbrake turns while you cling to the co-driver's seat. This day has the added bonus of a full day watching the motorsports events at your chosen location.

But if you prefer a more hardcore vehicle, why not try the Ultimate Tank Driving Experience, where you'll get full tuition from ex-forces instructors as you master a Chieftain Tank, Abbot Self Propelled Gun, Armoured Personnel Carrier and quad bike.

Adrenaline junkies
There are so many opportunities for thrill-seekers we barely know where to begin - from tandem skydiving, paintballing and bungee jumping, there are experiences aplenty.

For instance, if you've ever wanted to roll down a hill at 30mph in a giant hamster ball, then sphereing or zorbing is most definitely for you (with a no-harness water-soaked option available).

Or if trial by fire is more your thing, then why not master the art of walking over hot coals with a smouldering 1000 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit beneath your feet. And since you'll get expert instruction, try walking across a bed of broken glass for a doubly extreme experience.

And for the sporty types, an introduction to the hottest new extreme sports, wakeboarding, is a surefire winner.

Fearless flyers
Experience days offer more than one way to take to the skies and if a jumbo jet isn't quite thrilling enough for you, how about a 30-minute microlight flight. In just half an hour you will learn all about these lightweight aircraft and even take control as you fly over the breathtaking landscape below.

Or get as close to a bird as possible in a glider. Experience the wonder of powerless (and silent) flight as you catch some thermals and glide gently back to earth.

Alternatively try a flying experience from a bygone age with a lesson aboard a classic Tiger Moth aircraft - chocks away!

Nature lovers
If the natural wonders of the world are more to your taste, there are a host of gift days for animal lovers. Who wouldn't revel in the chance to see dolphins and whales in the wild? Well, head for a day around the coast of Britain and you might just spy a bottlenose dolphin, minke or humpback whale, basking shark or grey seal. Sadly, there's no guarantee though.

Even the hardest of hearts melts at the sight of a meerkat family and now you can get up close and personal with these cheeky characters at Broxbourne in Hertfordshire. Simples!

At the same location is the opportunity to hand-feed a far more ferocious breed - the big cats. Thankfully an experienced keeper will be on hand to ensure you stay safe.

Romantic gestures
If romance and a little quality time with your partner is what you crave then why not try something a little different to the usual weekend break away.

Picture fabulous views, open fires, meditation and reiki healing - all from the comfort of a traditional Tepee. You'll get all the joy of natural surroundings with the comfort of sheepskin rugs, a double bed and holistic therapies... the perfect anniversary gift.

For more information on these and many other experience days, a host of websites can provide further details, prices and locations. Try www.xperiences.co.uk, www.buyagift.co.uk or www.intotheblue.co.uk and give somebody a day to remember.