Tesla-like performance for Infiniti's electric hatchback

Infiniti is promising dramatic performance levels from the electric car it intends to launch in 2013.

The model will be based on the Nissan Leaf, but a company spokesman told Autoblog UK that the brand is determined not to sacrifice its luxury sporting image.

"It will have more performance than any car this side of a Tesla Roadster," he said.

He also confirmed that the Infiniti version would be get a bespoke body and inherit the premium feel that customers have come to expect from the Lexus rival.

Like the Leaf the new Infiniti will be a four-door model, but expect the 0-62mph time to improve significantly over the 11.9 seconds Nissan quotes for its own electric car.

The spokesman said that it was too early to speculate on names or prices yet, but did admit that it was possible the car could appear as a pre-production concept at next year's Geneva show.
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