Snowed in: Five budget 4X4s to beat the freeze with

If the notoriously haphazard predictions of the UK's weathermen are to be believed, the nation could be facing temperatures as low as -10°C this week along with snow fall of up to six inches.

We don't like the sound of that. Our hazy collective memory of the start of this year features a lot of snow and ice and grind and abandoned cars.

It's in that spirit that we've concocted a list of our top five 4X4s for keeping you moving no matter what the weather does this winter. Of course no one wants to be lavishing money on a car this close to Christmas so we've kept the options so cheap that even an Irish finance minister would happily snap them up.

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£1,000 – Mitsubishi Shogun (Pajero)
The Shogun is as faithful and hardy as a Labrador cross. Punted onto the market as a competitor to Land Rover's dominance in the eighties, the car has become a cheap favourite amongst 4X4 fans. Generic looks and a practical but surprisingly comfy interior keep sales turning over, but expect a lot of scrapes and bruises at this price. The Pajero is the imported version.

£2,000 – Jeep Grand Cherokee
The big Jeep is thirsty and not particularly refined, but it's still well equipped, relatively comfortable and completely unafraid of the slippery stuff. It's not exactly sophisticated, but the big Yank is gratifyingly rugged. Just be sure to check the history; Grand Cherokees aren't exactly built from granite and any significant problems could prove costly to fix. The later models are generally better.

£3,000 – Land Rover Discovery
You can pick these up for a lot less than £3,000, but if the Disco takes your fancy we'd advise you to pay a little bit more for a half decent one. Find a good example and it'll take you up hill and down dale in all weathers. Land on a bad one and there are likely to be enough niggling faults to test the patience of a saint. Unless you own a petrol station, we'd take the 2.5-litre Td5 over the V8.

£4,000 – Nissan Patrol
We're at the business end of indestructibility now. The Patrol isn't just a car for the cold, it's a wagon bred for the apocalypse. Buying it for the UK's annual cold snap is like tapping in a drawing pin with a sledge hammer. But there's a lot of off road ability under the no nonsense Nissan and if you plan on spending you Christmas in a field it really is the only choice.

£5,000 – Toyota Land Cruiser
If you prefer your car's invincibility to come with at least a modicum of on-road manners, then the Land Cruiser certainly fits the bill. Unfortunately at this budget you will have to settle for one that's as old as the hills. It's a testament to the big Toyota's durability that even ten year old cars retain their value so well. Careful searching may yield a 3.0-litre D4-D Colorado which should be enough for most. An Amazon will add enough space for a extended family members and their pets.

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