Video: Drunk driver gets stopped by police, THEN crashes. Twice

If you are pulled over for driving after enjoying a few drinks, we imagine that the first thing your intoxicated brain would do is work out how to convince the police officer that you are not as drunk as you smell and look.

Of course a breath test renders this pointless, but you might as well try. What you shouldn't do is calmly get out of your Toyota Prius and forget to put the handbrake on so it rolls back into the police car filming the whole incident.
What you definitely shouldn't do next is jump back into the car to ease it back forwards (or do a runner) and give it far too much welly and smash into the water and air pump at the petrol station you have pulled over at.

Of course none of our readers would be stupid enough to do any of that, but then you aren't Christian Aparacio of Huntingdon Beach California. The 42-year-old was pulled over on Saturday night, arrested on suspicion of drink driving and thankfully managed to hurt neither himself nor his female passenger with his stupidity. The water pump was not so lucky.

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