British company considers electric Veyron rival

British green energy company Ecotricity is considering making an electric supercar that could be "like a Bugatti Veyron".

Ecotricity has just finished its Nemesis electric car project, which saw it install an electric engine into a Lotus Exige, and is deliberating what to do next.
"We are looking at the possibility of doing a Nemesis 2, which will be bigger than the first car," said a company spokeswoman.

"It would be more of a super supercar, like a Bugatti Veyron," she added.

However, while the Nemesis was just a prototype that showed off what could be done with electric power, the Nemesis 2 could make it into production. "It is still at the thought stage, but we think it probably will (be made)" said the spokeswoman.

The Nemesis is the brainchild of millionaire Dale Vince, who has spent around £1m to bring the car to the road. It is powered by two electric motors and has recorded a staggering 0-100mph time of 8.5 seconds. The team also claims it is capable of doing 170mph.

Obviously there are no prices on the cards for the Nemesis 2 yet, and not even an estimate on when it might be made, but we are crossing our fingers that it happens.
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