Aston Martin Cygnet heads to Harrods

Rather than giving it the traditional motor show debut, Aston Martin has decided to target the expected buyers of its new Cygnet city car directly by placing one in the window of Harrods department store in London.

The world famous store in Knightsbridge is playing host to a bright red production version of Aston's first ever foray into the city car market, and it will stay there until December 11th.
Aston says the Cygnet, which is basically a re-bodied Toyota iQ, has been painted, trimmed and assembled by the same technicians that create its range of sports cars and cites Harrods' 'Anything is Possible' ethos as one of the reasons why it chose to display the car there.

It probably also has a lot to do with the fact that the store's wealthy and consumerist clientele is exactly who the brand expects to splash out £30k on the glitzy motor.

Given the car will have the normal 1.33-litre 97bhp engine that comes with the iQ, they're likely to be the only people with the cash to lavish on a aesthetically trimmed and expertly rebranded Toyota.

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