Zip and sip your way across Napa Valley

California's Napa Valley has been high up the must-visit list for wine fans for years, but there's a new way to see the vineyards: zooming along a zip wire above them.

Napa Valley Ziplines

The new Napa Valley Ziplines course is actually a set of seven zip wires – think grown-up versions of the lines you used to slide down in adventure playgrounds as a kid – built across a 200-acre site.

Starting with two short, slower lines for nervous first timers, you can build up your adventure levels with three of the remaining lines soaring over 1,200ft up and the longest running for nearly 2,000ft.

The seven lines take around two and a half hours to negotiate, linked by a series of platforms and short footpaths. And there's plenty of chances to catch your breath, including the high point after Zip 4, with an observation deck perched 600ft above the valley, looking over two miles of vineyards.

If by number seven, you feel like you need a bit of moral support, the final zip line is a side-by-side version, so you can start by holding hands just seven feet apart on the platform although you have to let go part way along.

If you're feeling nervous at just the thought, each line has two half inch galvanized steel aircraft cables with a breaking strength of over 26,000lbs. So no need to worry about having had dessert the night before.

You can sign up for one of two different tours: Zip'n'go, costing around £80, or if you need a stiff drink after all the excitement, the Zip'n'sip tour, for around £115, also includes trips to two boutique wineries and a picnic lunch overlooking the vineyards. Wine tasting fees are extra though.

Each tour is limited to 12 guests, so it's a good idea to get booking in advance. The tours are expected to start in October, but visit or email for the most up-to-date information.
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