Hamilton proud of McLaren

With podium finishes for both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, McLaren came back strongly in the last race of the 2010 Formula One season. "I'm happy with second and I'm pleased that it's all over now," said Hamilton. "The season was very demanding towards the end, but at least we were able to finish on a high."

McLaren consolidated their position as runner-up in the Constructors' Championship. "That was a fantastic achievement by the team," added the former champion. "We could have wished for a better season with the fastest car, but the whole team kept pushing all year and never gave up. I'm really proud of our team."
Over the first race stint, Hamilton and Vettel were the two fastest drivers. But after his one and only pit stop, the British driver slotted back into the race behind Renault's Robert Kubica: "It was impossible to overtake him. He wasn't making any errors, so I wasn't able to get past and attack Sebastian. When Kubica eventually pitted, I put in a few fast laps, but by then it was too late. I was just too far behind. But hey, that's motor racing."

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As far as Hamilton is concerned, though, the end of one season merely heralds the start of a new one: "In 15 weeks, everything starts all over again. I'm convinced that we'll be even stronger in 2011 and that we'll be giving the guys at Red Bull a run for their money. We intend to be out at the front. That's the plan, anyway."
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