Qualifying changes nothing for Alonso

After qualifying in Abu Dhabi, it was clear to Fernando Alonso that his third place on the grid had brought him one step closer to clinching the world championship title. Main rival Mark Webber could only secure P5, and Sebastian Vettel's pole position was incidental.
He didn't want to pretend he'd achieved a great deal: "I think the situation now is more or less the same as two days ago, before first practice got underway. We know the score. We know the four contenders. I think it will all hang on tomorrow's race. Anything can happen, and we've seen in the last few races, how quickly things can change."

Alonso reminded us of Korea, where the two Red Bulls were going well and then had to retire. And in Brazil, many teams had problems with pit stops. So for him, the most important thing was to cover the 55 laps without a hitch: "It will be a long, hard race, but we're in a strong position."
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