Severn Bridge tolls set to rise in January

The toll to cross the Severn Bridge into Wales will go up by 20p for cars and as much as 80p for lorries from the start of next year.

The price rises, which also see vans having to pay an extra 60p, are said to be down to an annual inflation-linked formula. Cars will pay £5.70, vans £10.90 and lorries £17.20 from January.
The payment system that was temporarily introduced during the Ryder Cup that allowed drivers to pay by credit card without entering their PIN will also be made permanent. However, there are no new plans to introduce a system similar to the automatic scanners on the continent.

Transport minister Mike Penning said: "I think we should have free-flow. I think it's an economic issue as well as an issue of almost morality, if you wish. 'Is it right you make people queue to pay something when you have the technology to prevent it?'"

However, he added that the original contract with the Severn River Crossing company was restrictive with regard to new technology, but said the UK government would work with the company to get new ideas such as online payment introduced in the future.
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