Must-have boots for winter

Caroline Cassidy

High-heeled, flat, sexy or practical - there's a stylish boot to suit everyone this season. Read on to discover the trends worth following this year..

Woman wearing boots
Woman wearing boots

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Great with skirts and dresses, jeans and leggings, tall boots are extremely versatile on the fashion front and because flats are in, you can invest in a low-heeled pair allowing you to look fabulous without stalling half way through the day.

Or, for instant sex appeal, opt for a pair of kinky killer-heeled boots and vamp up your LBD in no time.

If you're looking for something a little more decorative for this season, lace-up details are the way to go. Knee-highs that lace all the way up, or ankle boots with laces have been big on the catwalks.

For the more casual look though, fold-down boots are one of this year's top trends. If you're dubious about folding any of your existing pairs, the shops will no doubt offer a plentiful supply of specially designed fold-downs and, with a high heel, the cuffed look gives a great casual-but-sexy style.

Many are taking inspiration from the Ugg boot with sheepskin lining or accents. Comfort-seekers might want to search out a lined pair but even a touch of sheepskin or faux fur peeping out over a fold-down top is very much in vogue.

There's good news on the colour front too - neutral tones of black, beige, brown and navy, along with the odd dark red-berry colours, are the way to go and suede is the popular choice.

Since clogs are back in style, you'll find plenty of boots featuring wooden or wood-look, soles and the trend for a more manly shoe means macho details such as metal studs, motorbike buckles and serrated soles will save you from tottering about on icy pavements in stiletto-heels.