The glovebox toilet that could be in your stocking

A toilet that fits into your glovebox looks set to be a surprise Christmas hit after sales of the disposable device have boomed.

The £3.99 device can help alleviate those desperate moments when there is no service station for miles and no convenient bush to dart behind.
It consists of a small bag that contains a pad that is small enough to fit into your hand. It turns liquid into a gel in seconds, and claims the result is "no leaks, smells, or mess, is super absorbent and ideal for all males aged 3 – 103". However, even though it might be a little trickier to do so, the makers have said that there is no reason why women can't use it too.

As well as the 50 percent spike in sales that car accessory retailers Halfords noticed around music festivals in the summer months, manufacturers Ardern Healthcare also saw a 250 percent rise last December.

"We want to help our customers stay on the move and enjoy their journeys," said Halfords Travel Accessories Expert Sara Cooksley. "This very effective product is great for 'staycationing' and festival-going which involves some longer journeys with no guarantee as to where the next place to stop will be. We believe Christmas demand may be due to people stocking up for round trips across the country to see relatives and loved ones."

Still, it makes a change from the chocolate orange in your stocking. Maybe not a welcome change, but a change nonetheless.
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