Renault given permission to name car Zoe

Renault has won the right to call its new electric car Zoe after a French judge threw out a case brought to court by two sets of parents of girls called Zoe Renault.

The families argued that their children would face years of ridicule in the future for having the same name as a car, with their lawyer saying they would be plagued in the future by people asking "Can I see your airbags?" or "Can I shine your bumper?"
Another argument was said to be that any future reliability problems could be used to mock the girls, but the judge found no evidence that sharing the name of a car would cause "certain, direct and current harm".

"There's a line between living things and inanimate objects, and that line is defined by the first name," their lawyer David Koubbi told Associated Press.

"We're telling Renault one very simple thing: first names are for humans."

Renault has confirmed that it has no plans to change the name of what is set to be an electric car in its Zero Emissions range, and is reportedly pleased with the outcome of the court case. However, the saga is not yet over and the parents plan to appeal. They clearly haven't twigged they are causing more embarrassment to their kids by dragging this pointless case through the courts.

Besides, sharing a name with a car never did former England rugby player Austin Healey any harm. Or anyone called Victor after the 1950s Vauxhall or Sharon, like the VW Sharan, for that matter.

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