Alonso aiming for P1 or P2 finish

Fernando Alonso is unique amongst the four remaining championship contenders in that he has his fate in his own hands. Yet paradoxically, this also means he has the greatest weight on his shoulders. Not because this could be his third title or his first for Ferrari, but because the current configuration at the top of the table means that he can't be sure a third-place finish behind the two Red Bulls will be good enough. He would then be relying on Sebastian Vettel beating Mark Webber and the two of them not swapping places on the final lap.
"I'm not going to waste my energy thinking about what could happen on Sunday," says Alonso. "Our only goal at the moment is to win or at least come second." Both outcomes would secure the world championship for him - regardless of where Vettel, Webber or even Lewis Hamilton finish. "I think we can achieve that."

Alonso thinks that he has a realistic chance of qualifying for the front row of the grid: "Pole Position would be very nice too, but our actual targets are first or second on the podium."
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