South African tuner adds 535bhp to already ridiculous package

The concept of the performance pick-up is yet to take hold in the UK, but with a proliferation of Mitsubishi L200s, Nissan Navaras and Toyota Hiluxs on the nation's building sites it's only a matter of time before someone steps forward to fill the curious niche.

With any luck the tipping point might prove to be this frankly lunatic effort from South African tuner, LupiniPower. Its version of the already fairly mental Chevy Ute SS (also sold as the Holden Ute SS elsewhere in the world) packs 535bhp and a 0-60mph time of 4.4 seconds.

The power comes courtesy of a 6.0-litre supercharged V8 engine similar to the gargantuan lump beating at the heart of the Corvette ZR1. Dubbed the SuperUte (what else?) the tuned pick-up will hit 100mph in under 10 seconds and top out at 175mph.

LupiniPower insists that, despite the performance capabilities, the SuperUte remains docile and easy to drive, although there's a limited-slip differential on the options list if smoky tail slides are more your cup of tea.

Inevitably the SuperUte's suspension and brakes have both been improved, and the styling has been updated with 20-inch alloy wheels which are sure to set you apart from the local builder's Ford Ranger.

This all comes at a price though. The SuperUte retails at a cool £58,000 in its native South Africa, and you can expect a hefty premium on top of that to get the thing shipped to the UK. That is unless someone begins to import them in volume.

We've already installed it at number four in the office Christmas list to Santa.
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