Five-door Range Rover Evoque revealed

Land Rover has unveiled the five-door version of the Range Rover Evoque.

We went up to Gaydon, Land Rover HQ, for a special preview of the new car, and were deeply impressed.

Given the very distinctive style of the three-door, we thought that squeezing five doors into the bodyshell could have ruined the looks. In fact, thanks to some very clever work by the car's Chief Designer, Gerry McGovern, the proportions are just as good in the new version.
To make the styling work, he has raised the roof by 30 mm – otherwise the rear doors would have had windows about the size of a letterbox. However, it is actually the same roof panel as the three door – it is just set on longer pillars.

The result is a car that is practical for small families, with enough room for four people and their luggage. Of course, interior space is not exactly vast – this is the most compact passenger car Land Rover has ever made, but it is better than you might expect from the exterior styling.

It is also the most environmentally friendly car to come out of the company – the 2wd version has a CO2 figure below 135 g/km of CO2 (the precise figure is still to be confirmed). That means the Evoque is actually better than many equivalent hatchbacks – the 2.2 150 PS Evoque has a lower CO2 figure than any Ford Mondeo diesel and is lower even than a Focus 2.0 TDCI.

Land Rover reckons the Evoque will become their biggest seller, which we find easy to believe. They do not have any opinion on whether the three-door or the five-door will be the bigger seller but, if we were placing a bet, we reckon more UK customers will go for the five-door – it is more practical and looks just as good.

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