London to get more electric car charging points than petrol stations

London is aiming to become Europe's electric car capital, with Mayor Boris Johnson hoping to establish more charging points in the city than there are petrol stations.

Mayor Johnson intends to have 1,300 charging points operating by 2013, in time to recharge the 100,000 electric cars he hopes will populate the capital.
The target is rather more modest than the 25,000 that was mentioned at the start of the year, but no doubt the Greater London Authority has been forced to take the government's spending cuts into account.

A new network, called Source London, will launch next spring and allow electric car owners to register to use any of the charging points across the capital for £100 a year. At the moment drivers have to register with each borough that has electric charging points.

Transport for London is now in talks with other cities to spread the initiative further across the country, all under the 'Source' branding.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: "Already there are more electric drivers in London than anywhere else in the UK, but we are now entering an incredibly exciting period in electric motoring.

"Major manufacturers are gearing up to launch more affordable, practical electric cars over the next few years, whilst the cost of traditional fuels are making petrol-free driving an increasingly attractive option.

"By opting for electric in greater numbers, Londoners will also help to cut pollution levels and improve the city's quality of living."

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