Hyundai dealer back in the sack after hitting celibacy target

A Hyundai dealer from the US, who clearly understands the value of free advertising, has finally sold enough cars to have sex again following his vow of celibacy last year.

Brad Benson, a former American football player with the New York Giants, pledged in May that in would refrain from rocking the casbah until his dealership topped all the other Hyundai outlets in the country.

We don't envy the sales staff who had to achieve that target with a sex starved boss breathing down their necks, but the plot has the same whiff of marketing genius that marked several other Benson schemes.

This is the same man who gave a radical evangelist pastor a free Hyundai for not burning the Koran. He also offered Saddam Hussein free cars to abdicate from Iraq prior to the last Gulf War.

Benson was a part of the Giants team which won the Super Bowl in 1987, but he must have generated ten times the newspaper coverage in his current career.

We respect any man who can manipulate the media machine for his own (relatively modest) ends. He also must be married to the most patient woman in the world.
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