What's new in online gaming

There is no doubt that games consoles just keep on getting better and better but the ability to play gamers from across the globe adds a whole new dimension to your trusty and familiar XBox or Playstation.

Man playing Playstation
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Both Playstation and Xbox have online facilities (though Xbox owners will need to pay a subscription to access multiplayer gaming) where trailers, demos and downloads are all available.

But it's the mutliplayer gaming that has console lovers glued to their controllers for hours on end, so what's new in the world of global gaming?

Possibly the most anticipated upcoming release is that of Call of Duty: Black Ops (out on November 9). The seventh installment in the series, this first-person Cold War shoot 'em up is certain to be a hit with fans and the multiplayer online mode allows players battle on four exclusive co-op levels via Xbox Live or PlayStation's online facility.

On November 19, the critically acclaimed Assassin's Creed is back but this time players command a Brotherhood who must work together to defeat the enemy at the heart of Rome. And with online gaming your mastery of weapons and assassination techniques can be put to the test against players from around the world.

Sports fans will more than likely already have their hands on Fifa 2011 but going online with this footballing favourite means the you won't get bored... at least until Fifa 2012 arrives.

And for petrolheads Gran Turismo 5 is scheduled for PS3 release on November 27. The trailers for this classic racing game didn't disappoint and, with a new addition (the Project X1 Prototype, a concept car designed by Red Bull Racing engineers specifically for the game) and a flash new weather system, it's ideal for keeping your seriously dangerous driving on the console and off the roads.

But if you prefer your gaming with a little less speed, killing and general mayhem, the arrival of LittleBigPlanet 2 in January 2011 promises endless opportunities for creation, customisation and editing your very own computer game world - and via the PlayStation Network, gamers will be able to share their own creations with others around the world.

And with all that gameplay to master, it's just as well the nights are drawing in.
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