Hulk: Podium finish would be sensational

Surprise top qualifier Nico Hülkenberg spoke to autoblog UK about his first ever pole position and his expectations for the race.

Nico, has it dawned on you yet what you've actually achieved here?
Nico Hülkenberg: Yes, sort of. I'm caught up in it all at the moment and haven't even had a chance to celebrate yet, because you reporters won't let me go. That's perhaps the downside to it all. What am I supposed to say? There are no words to describe it. Except maybe a big 'thank you' to the team, because the car worked perfectly under the conditions we had today. My engineer got the tyre pressure just right and everything went brilliantly. I made the best of my opportunity and I'm really happy about the way everything went.

What's on the cards for tomorrow? Do you think you can keep the main contenders behind you?
No, I think we would be overreaching ourselves if we went all out for a win. That's certainly not our objective, because the guys behind us are clearly faster. We'll try to drive a clean race, not to make any mistakes and to score as many points as possible.

What are you aiming for then, a respectable points' score or a podium?
A podium finish would be sensational – an absolute dream – but at the moment, I'm not daring to think in such terms. Whatever happens, though, a decent points' score would also be highly satisfying.
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