Toyota issues another recall, for the iQ this time

After the troublesome year it has had with recalls, you would imagine Toyota would be furiously crossing its fingers and hoping that everything goes ok for a while.

But this appears not to have worked, as the Japanese company has announced another voluntary recall – of the iQ city car.
This one is not as potentially serious as the recalls that blighted much of its range and dominated headlines back in January, instead it affects the electronic power steering (EPS) system.

Toyota is recalling 12,000 vehicles in the UK, which were produced between 11 September 2008 and 22 October 2010. The EPS system can set off a warning light when the car is driven on rumble strips as found at the side of the motorway. This then makes the steering heavier, but does not mean it stops working.

No accidents have been recorded thanks to the fault, which will take approximately two hours to fix.
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