Sir Clive Sinclair to release a modern C5 - the X1 electric bike

It has taken a long time for him to have another go, but Sir Clive Sinclair is clearly convinced that his C5 electric car/bike from the 1980s was a concept worth persevering with.

The British inventor intends to release a new take on his much-derided flop, another electric bike called the X1.
This time around Sinclair might have more luck as the interest in electric vehicles is on the rise, suggesting that his C5 was ahead of its time.

The X1 is a pedal powered vehicle that is assisted by a lightweight lithium polymer battery, and can be driven by anyone over the age of 14 in the UK. Instead of the open arrangement of the original, the new Sinclair comes with a curved plastic bubble-like body to keep the occupant protected and mildly shielded from the elements.

Perhaps because of the C5 legacy critics have been quick to jump on the X1, suggesting it will be underpowered and struggle with potholes. It is expected to arrive from July next year, and will cost from £595.
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